We prefer our products and clients to speak for themselves, leaving us to concentrate on delivering products with great design, superior strength and functionality and a service which exceeds your expectations. Read what our clients say about us and decide for yourself whether Pro-Bolt is what you are looking for.

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  • Pit Beirer (KTM Motorsport Director)

    Pit Beirer (KTM Motorsport Director)

    KTM Factory Racing October 06, 2016
    “In motorsport, it’s often the small things that make the difference between winning or losing. Handling, reliability and lightweight components play a vital role in our sport, so we’re very happy to work together with Pro-Bolt in the future. Their products share all these attributes, and they’ll make us faster both on and off road, but also at race tracks and in workshops.”
  • Clive Padgett

    Clive Padgett

    Padgetts Honda Racing August 21, 2015
    "Padgetts Honda Racing are the world leaders in road racing, dominating throughout Europe. They are more often than not always in first place or on the podium. This is testament to an outstanding, truly great and successful team admired by main fellow race teams throughout the respective paddocks. Padgetts Honda use Pro-Bolt products, which is a renowned global brand, and no other feasteners to achieve such high expectations"
  • Aki Ajo

    Aki Ajo

    Ajo Motorsport November 29, 2016
    ‘’To win both Moto2 and Moto3 Championship on the world stage is something quite special, it’s been a fantastic season for all of my team who have all worked so hard. Our undoubted success is attributed to the passion and determination of our Riders and Team coupled with this is the confidence we have in suppliers such as Pro-Bolt servicing our every need. Their quality, attention to detail, consistency is a winning combination, in Pro-Bolt we have a solid partnership to take us forward for many years to come”
  • Leon Haslam

    Leon Haslam

    Aprilia Racing Team Red Devils August 21, 2015
    "When I’m not competing on the World Superbike track I love nothing more than taking my toys out to play. Away from the confines of the circuit I can choose exactly what I do with my off road bikes, a Honda CRF450R and a Gas Gas Gold Raga Rep."
  • Keith Amor

    Keith Amor

    Motorcycle Road Racer September 01, 2015
    "I have used Pro-Bolt for many years now. The Product and services are top notch and ultra-reliable. Fit and forget, exactly what I need when racing"
  • Michael Dunlop

    Michael Dunlop

    Motorcycle Road Racer September 30, 2016
    "Throughout my years of racing in both the TT and road racing, I need reliable, light-weight fasteners for my race bikes that I can trust. For me, there’s only one solution: Pro-Bolt. They are a company that is very easy to deal with and are always able to deliver my parts quickly and professionally. Pro-Bolt are second to none."
  • Chuck Giacchetto

    Chuck Giacchetto

    Yamalube/Westby Racing November 29, 2016
    "From the inception of Yamalube/Westby Racing we have insisted on using products that stand alone, at the highest level. We have used Pro-Bolt for many years, now, to have a working relationship with them gives us a direct link to the finest, most light weight fasteners in our sport. Let's face it Pro-Bolt is involved in MotoGP, how can we go wrong?! The choice is obvious, Pro's use Pro-Bolt."

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  • Do You Have A Story?

    Do You Have A Story?

    We’d Love to Hear Your Pro-Bolt Experience November 29, 2016
    If you want to share your Pro-Bolt experience with others, drop us a note and join our community by having your story posted right here.

8 Item(s)